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01-30-2010, 04:09 AM
Originally Posted by droa View Post
is there a way to see a very detailed and full list of every stat in-game, and what that makes what better?
Well. No. There isn't. There are some community projects out there to document what each does, but they're kinda up in the air right now. My suggestion - if you don't know something, just ask over here. There's bound to be someone who knows and can help.

or should i just leep closing my eyes, and press wildly in the stat window?
Well... the thing is ... if you look at skills, right. Some of them are pretty obvious in what they do. You are gonna wanna increase Starship Operations, Starship Projectile Weapons, Starship Energy Weapons to max rank.

Those are givens. Because you know you'll be using that stuff. The others depend on what build you have, and what bridge officer powers you intend to use. As you've noticed, a lot of skills give examples of what powers they affect. Again, folks are still documenting the linkages...

But if you find you like using Tractor Beam a lot, then you'd definitely want to increase the skills that boost Tractor Beam. And you can see what they are in the skills panel - it gives some indication.

You can also, when in space, hit 'P' to bring up your powers info, and check Tractor Beam to see what skills it's affected by.