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01-30-2010, 05:12 AM
Originally Posted by Windhunter View Post
if you like that space map so much. go play mass effect 2 and leave the rest of us alone. WE are perfectly content with sector space.
Who's we? Obviously we arent all happy with it. You may be, speak for yourself. Don't speak for the entire community. Space travel in STO is kind of lame, can barely see system names with 50 ships hanging out around them, and the grids make it un-star trek.

Im not insulting the game, i bought mine, paying, and playing. But seriously, this could have been done much better. This has to be my one biggest disappointment with STO thus far. Everything else seems good, but im only LT rank 4 atm..

Oh and one other issue i have with game on a side note................
Why no critters roaming around on the planets? I cant kill animals and alien races for crafting stuff, xp, pure pleasure of killing? Bahhhhhhh