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01-30-2010, 04:13 AM
Originally Posted by Vapur
I like sectore space, granted the grids and the vertical lines loose a bit of the immersion but if in time cryptic put a toggle in to remove them then Bingo we will have a fine space map to help us plot our destinations

And once get the hang of sector space and all the othe rsub maps and locations to help you its not as daunting as it intially looks to navigate. They have improved it a bit with help of you are here icons on the galexy map, big Q's on the systems you have Quests/missions in, so in time it may eveolve into a nice looking area, and even if they can pull it off we can be standing on our bridge looking out the viewer as we fly through sector space now that be total immersion then

This. Optimally I would want to do all of the sector space travel from the bridge. But just the option to disable the grid and lanes would be well enough.