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I would like to request a better space group interface, or allow community modding (as in WoW and Warhammer online etc)
As a scientist/healer I need to have detailed information about each of my team mates health status (ground and space) and in this regard the space UI is not up to scratch, at the moment I only get a lagged indication of the group member who is at the top of the group UI tab and a green bar representing the hull of each member.
Obviously I need to have accurate displays for each members shield strengths on each facing.

Currently I can only check member status by targeting them which stops me firing at what ever enemy I was attacking.
Furthermore (going to slip into warhammer online talk here) targeting group mates/allies should only change my defensive target not my primary target.
And the UI needs to show each group members shield facings and strength, plus any debuffs icons in a clear way so that healers can apply suitable debuff removal skills