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01-30-2010, 04:21 AM
Originally Posted by Chenchuan View Post
The problem isnt the 40 kills. its when the system starts the maps without full teams or creates uneven teams. With full teams it goes realy fast. LOL. Unless they add some silly death penalty which adds a time sink to it.

What we should really be asking is for the queue to not start maps unless there is a minimum number on both sides.
Those 2 problems are actually connected. 40 kill maps take longer so waiting for a spot in a map also takes longer. Your only chance to cut that down is to apply to all 3 maps you're permitted to.
Now as soon as you'll join a map you will by default let time out the other Qs and that means you keep someone else on another map from joining your team for the 60 seconds that the Q reserved for you.

Make the maps 20 kills, get the fun back and make the kills actually *count* so people stop zerging. Thus speeding up the Qs, thus making it less likely people apply to all those maps instead of playing their favourite, which again means that there are less people stopped from playing the map until someone elses Q is timed out.