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# 1 So much for a head start...
01-30-2010, 04:22 AM
It started off so well, no lag, no crashes, nothing, was going nicely. Then I enter a system, server doesn't respond, I close client, restart and hey its working again, but the most laggy experience I've ever had, totally unplayable. Then due to the server 'maintenance' yet more time gone and I have a job/life so can't sit there waiting for its return like so many others do. My computer more than meets the requirements and due to the fact that it was working perfectly first time, I know that it is not my pc or connection. I pray to god that you at cryptic realise that you will have far far more people logging in soon and that it's obvious to make sure the server capacity is up to it, you're gonna have one truck-load of complaints soon otherwise.