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# 1 The Collegium Fleet
01-30-2010, 04:27 AM
Fleet Name: The Collegium Fleet
Fleet's website:
Affiliation: Federation
Time Zone: Global
Game play: PvP and PvE
Other Games: Many
Voice Server: Ventrilo 150 person server, Voice communication during PvP is mandatory.
Age Requirement: 18+

Just go here and click the recruitment banner at the top of the page.
After you register you will be able to see the Collegium forums. Enter and apply there.
We are also an MMO gaming site with over 8,500+ forum members. We are constantly interviewing game developers and running promos for beta testing and other in game goodies.

The Collegium guild charter and rules of conduct.
Who are The Collegium? The Collegium is an adult, multi game, multi national gaming community.
What is The Collegium's goal and purpose? The Collegium has always been and I believe always will be a top notch end game achievement entity. Whether that achievement is end game PvE or total game PvP domination. We have always prided our selves on our ability to over come the odds in any PvP situation and prevail. Whether it is by use of real world military tactics, our own devised tactics or our very disciplined communication on the battle field. Above all we are a community of friends who work well together and enjoy each others company. That is what The Collegium is truly, a strong entity built on friendship and trust.

Code of Conduct.
The Collegium is a community of adults. We shall act as such. Conduct our selves in a polite manner when dealing with each other and others in the gaming world. As a Collegium member you are representing all of us out there in the gaming world and it is important that you conduct your self as an adult but more importantly as an intelligent and proper person. General a$$hattery is frowned on, blatant rudeness and purposeful abrasive behavior is dealt with harshly.

Do’s, Helping is encouraged. Point out that quest objective to the fellow who looks lost, heal the guy who is hurt, be polite and answer that nooby in chat who asks a dumb nooby question. When do you do these things? If you have time and are not busy dieing your self.

Don’ts, Mob stealing, boss pouching, telling noobs to “stfu”, Don’t rush ahead of someone who has just cleared the way to an objective to click the objective yourself. Ninja looting is a big no no, NEVER roll need on something you do not actually need or cannot use for the character you are currently playing. In other words, we are not here to farm gear for your alts. If you want gear for said alt, play said alt. In short don’t do anything in the gaming world that wouldn’t do in real life (and not have Judge beat the daylights out of you for).

Our Terms of Service (ToS) and Rules of Conduct for the site also apply to guild membership.

Our Rank Structure and progression. Also our current officer roster for STO.

Fleet Admiral
Max. Members: 1


Vice Admiral
Max. Members: 2
Must be appointed by by the Fleet Admiral.


Rear Admiral
Max Members: 3, 1 Tactical, 1 Engineer and 1 Science
Must fulfill all requirements of lower ranks.
Must be appointed by a Vice Admiral or higher.

Scientific Rear Admiral: Chile267
Engineer Rear Admiral: Jethro
Tactical Rear Admiral: Claren

Max Members: 6
Must fulfill all requirements of lower ranks.
Must be appointed by a Rear Admiral or higher.


Max Members: 12
Must be able to command the Fleet.
Must fulfill all requirements of lower ranks.
Must be appointed by a Commodore or higher.

Robert Nobile

1 Month as a Lieutenant Commander
Must fulfill all requirements of lower ranks.
Must be appointed by a Captain or higher.

Lieutenant Commander
2 Months as a Lieutenant.
Must fulfill all requirements of lower ranks.
Must be appointed by a Commander or higher.

At least 4 weeks enlisted in the Fleet.
Must be loyal, honest, battle worthy.
Must fulfill all requirements of lower ranks.
A lieutenant is a full member of the society.
Must be appointed by a Lieutenant Commander or higher.

Lieutenant JG
At least 2 weeks Enlistment in Fleet.
They are participating and making progress.
They obey orders and can possibly be an asset to Fleet.
They have filled out the Mandatory posts.

An Ensign is a Fleet recruit.
Must have filled out the recruit post correctly.
Ensigns will be last on the list for ships and supplies.


Here we are mentioned in the press. When Ten Ton Hammer reviewed Pirates of the Burning Seas. We are so mentioned as "The Lords of the Burning Sea". This is a short description of one of our many stunning victories in that game.

We look forward to seeing you in game, Live long and prosper.