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01-30-2010, 04:37 AM
Starship Warp Core Training improves a few specific powers... Emergency to Engines and EPS Power Transfer spring to mind. I think that's what it lists as examples. You may not use Emergency to Engines, but EPS Power Transfer is something you get for free as an Engineer captain, so you should be using it.

'cause you have it anyway. And besides, it's great. It boosts power levels for you or your allies.

Starship Warp Core Training also, I you a little increase in power levels across the board. Which is why most people increase the skill even if they aren't Engineers or flying Cruisers.

Anyway, check try web-based STO character builder - it's by a forum user named Ghley, and he's been doing good work. His latest revision tells you what skills affect a given bridge officer power. He doesn't have all the bridge officer power info yet, but it's a good start.