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01-30-2010, 05:44 AM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
Warp theorist doesnt increase power level, just efficiency...wich is used by several abiltites (like emergency power to weapons etc.). Oh or so i thought, maybe they do help to it...but once again, the +10 will be mostly visible in t1 only, wich means a little easier start...wich is easy enough anyway.

But to answer your question...first im not min/max number geek, second, i dont like having "alien" in species, when i play a human, just for the sake of having maxed out traits. But you are right, i wasted 1 ground trait with human, if i will fly only :-) and i dont care...
Traits provide a permanent bonus to your stats , power & abilities last a few seconds , there is a diifference.
I don't think so only on start.It's hard to imagine a Tier 5 ship to have all 4 power levels maxed or very high.Even with maxed skills.

I didn't imply that you are , and neither am i , actually i prefer balance in the powers levels , i was just giving an examble.There are players though that do like the min/max number thing , no need to use such a bad word as "geek".
Man you can play as you see fit and i respect that. I just expressed my opinion about traits , not that it is the right way to play nor that choosing a custom race is the ideal for everyone or you.[/quote]