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01-30-2010, 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by thelorre View Post
This game has alot of potential
give it time to improve , its still in its infant stage
we cant compare STO with WOW, wow has been around for 5 years now and they had time to get the bugs out , and fill it with content

the planned content for STO looks very good

im gonna give STO my full attention, i even suspended my WOW account for STO

It's actually very easy to compare these two games.

STO is the bigger brand, but the smaller physical game at launch.

WoW was the lesser known brand, but the larger physical game at launch.

While the aspect of these game arcs are different, they are fundamentally the same. Go here, talk to that, kill this, rest for that, buy this, sell that.

And while that last part is not bad, there is no doubt that it was more fun to explore WoW at launch, than it is to explore STO. Which, actually you can't explore unless you have the rank to do so. WoW had this too, but only for the actual dungeons.

And you said you couldn't really compare them