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# 1 Questions about Biographies
01-30-2010, 05:10 AM
I'm having a problem with my characters bio. When ever i try to enter it i get an error message saying it is invalid. Is their some place that goes over what characters are allowed, and perhaps a character count? I have tried every imaginable way to copy my bio into the field but it never accepts it.

I wrote it up in Microsoft word first, then tried to copy paste it in. Perhaps it is a bug with copy and pasting? Any way this is the bio i keep trying to add. I wish their was more room as i like to get as in depth with description as i can, however sadly it looks like it will be limited to only a paragraph or two. Any help from others having the same problem, or have not, would be appreciated.

Officer Name: Seesti Thirn
Officer Training: Engineering
Race: Set Tii
Racial Traits of Note: The Set Tii are a hermaphroditic race of beings that consist of only one sex. With the exception of having both male and female gentiles, the Set Tii have an appearance of a humanoid female.

The Set Tii constantly releases a pheromone that affects those around them in various ways. Depending on how strongly the Set Tii give off this pheromone, the effects can range from a desire to work to the best of the individualís abilities, to an uncontrollable lust and desire to be with the Set Tii. The pheromones use amongst the Set Tii was a way for others of their species to impose superiority amongst each other, as those with the strongest pheromones would over power the others around them, causing the others to see her as the superior of the group.

Due to this racial development the Set Tii prefer to work in groups, as there race has developed around being in a hierarchical pack whether it is of friends, family, lovers, or co-workers. Set Tii born with a powerful pheromone tend to have a harder time adjusting to life in Starfleet while they are of lower rank because they have been raised to believe that they have the right to be in charge of those around them, no matter the situation, due to their powerful pheromones.

Because of the effects of the Set Tiiís pheromone on other species they are highly valued as counselors, diplomats, team leaders, and ship captains.