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01-30-2010, 06:21 AM
Originally Posted by Jackal1701A View Post
Hi all, I joined the OB late so am getting to grips with the game and really enjoying so far!

I have a couple of questions - firstly what is transwarp and how do I do it (I hear you can travel quickly to specific locations which would be very helpful)
Transwarp is an ability. Press 'P' in space and you should find it in the list, and can drag it to your hotbar (I think it is assigned to a bar by default, but I forget which bar).

Triggering it warps you back to Starbase 1 in the Sol system. It has a 30 minute recharge.

Secondly is to do with picking up items: when you are in an open team can everyone pick up items (dropped by dead enemies) or is it the first person there gets the item?
There are different loot options for groups, which control how loot is distributed.

(similar question with regards to scanning anomalies)
I believe these are 'first come, first served'.

And related to this, sometimes it seems that an enemy drops an item after being killed which is white rather than yellow and I don't get the option to pick it up.
White loot objects 'belong' to someone else, either due to the current loot rules for your group or because the 'owner' isn't grouped with you.