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The backpedallling debuf on power output is a nice addition to keep the combat tactics under control but IMHO have still some "quirks" that can be polished.

The 10s delay feels adequate to not penalize players looking for those strategic moments to delay the approach of your foe while hammering it for full, or to surprise a close enemy with a sharp turn... And at the same time preventing the "cheesy" turtling tactics that increase the performance of theoretically "nimble" ships by neglecting what defines them.

Here are a couple of "perks":

Instant Cleaning: While affected by the debuff a brief stop followed by a backpedalling cleans completely the debuff and the power loss is recovered very fast (in less than 4 seconds). The debuff should linger the same 10 seconds without the ship backpedalling.

Easy Prevention: A simmilar approach can be use to prevent it to appear on the 1st place... By stoping briefly before the 10 seconds you never receive it. The appearance logic should require 10 continuous seconds WITHOUT backpedalling before "forgetting" the ammount of time spent backpedalling.

OFC, as part of the adaptation each signature period can be made different... Not all 10 seconds... But I think it makes sense starting with the same "low efficiency" periods.