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01-30-2010, 05:51 AM
I was looking at the basic captain skill, the tier 1 one that improves maneuverability and all that nice stuff, and I saw that it increases turning rate by 18%. That's awesome for an escort with a turn rate of 15, you get 3 more points! but it sucks for a cruiser with 5... You get 1....

I would suggest that the higher level ship specific skills (which are apparently useless since they only affect one tier), I recommend those are changed to affect all ships of the tier, and improve some of the weaknesses of the other ships. For example another cruiser skill that increases turning rate, for escorts you could get a skill that gives them the ability to dodge weapon fire, science vessels... Well, not sure what their weakness is, but could be abilities to boost science skills even more.

There are many ways to fix this, but yeah, I agree that if the ship takes a full minute to turn and even out of combat, that does not affect anyone, then there is definitely something wrong there.