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01-30-2010, 06:06 AM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
I disagree..

Flying a cruiser *should* be like flying a block of lead, in atmosphere.

The shields are an issue, but Id suggest an increase in the rate with which you reinforce a shield quadrant with power from the other 3 shield quadrants.

Its like saying a BB needs to "get" better manouvrebility because a DD can run circles around it.
That's fine in combat, but should a player suffer a 1 minute turn rate every time they want to get an anomaly? Does it add to the fun of the game? Nope. There is a problem if a ship is too slow and unwieldy, and can detracts from the game. Remember gameplay always trumps realism or anything else.

No one is saying to increase the turn rate of cruisers so it matches escorts or science vessels. That would be stupid. However, the current rate is far below escorts and science. Escorts gets 15 at tier 5 I think, science gets 13, and cruisers gets 6... That's a huge difference. If cuisers could get 8 on all tiers, that's 1 point more than the current lower tier cruiser and it would be a lot more comfortable to fly. And 8 is not game breaking, it's still 1/2 of what the escorts get.