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Originally Posted by lrdnova View Post
This is a great start to what I sure will be a wonderous content rich game. As far as Canon LF will certainly be adding these events to our Star Fleet History courses. Great Job!!

I do have one question though. If STO is 30 years past Nemesis, the Star Trek Universe seems to be a really bleak and dark place considering that right off the start there really is very little sign of life getting back to normal and the Starfleet getting back to its exploring roots. I guess we have to wait and see but 30 years of conflict seems as though it would take a toll on all factions within the game.
The year 2379 is the year of ST Nemesis. The fall of Cardassia was in late 2375. Many of the alliance fleets were badly damaged and I am sure the economy was in shambles for just about everyone involved. Recovery after a full scale war like that will be slow and gradual probably over a 5-15 year span depending on which faction got hit the hardest. At least that is the way it has been throughout modern history.