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01-30-2010, 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by Visual-Echo View Post
I know there are something like 60+ pages on this topic in the archived files, but I thought we should maybe give it a fresh start.

Personally i fell the cruisers turn rate needs to be about 2 or 3 points higher because.
Currently we cant turn fast enough or balance power between all shields fast enough to make our shields very effective. more often than not we loose 1 shield and then hull with the other 3 still mostly full even though we develop the nervous twitch of spamming the balance power button with every thing we do.
We, at present have a hard time even picking up loot after mission. the turn rate on a t4 Cruiser is honestly so bad that at balanced power levels it takes 61+ seconds to turn 360!!!
The turn rate items in the game now do little in the way of helping us because 10% of 0 is still 0. Or more realistically using 2 eng consoles add only 1 point of turn rate.
Other Cruisers and big ships in the game all have faster turn rates. I.E. the Klingon's.

Even tho i do not believe we should have too for 2 or 3 points in turning, I'm sure all cruiser captains would agree that wed trade almost anything for this. a gun slot, some max speed, some shields or hull, anything.

Other possible fix ideas could be a cruiser specific turn rate boost while at 1/4 speed or full stop. Or maybe, boost all ships turn rate by 2 or 3 if needed to keep things balanced. Possible even adding a skill in the game that raises turn rate by a number rather than a percentage that any captain could Learn. Maybe even with each rank add 1 point to turn rate.

At any rate I feel this is severely compromising the fun factor. And, I have tried other ships, but Cruisers have the enterprise so plz give us a hand here. at least do it for the fun!
I flew a cruiser in beta and i think its balanced. If your looking for turn rate fly an escort. If you want shields fly a science ship. The cruiser has its own advantages.