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01-30-2010, 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by Dasorine
Ok because forums got archived and can't be searched by the looks of it, heres some good weapons info from the beta:

Weapon Types

Beam Arrays: 250' arc, low burst damage
Dual Beams: 90' arc, medium burst damage

Turret: 360' arc, low sustained DPS

Cannons: 180' arc, medium sustained damage
Dual Cannons: 45' arc, high sustained damage
Dual Heavy Cannons, 45' arc, high burst/sustained damage (same overall damage as dual cannon but in 2 big bursts rather than 4 little hits)

Torpedoes: 90' arc, very high burst damage (75% less against shields)
Mines: no arc... they're mines you put them down, things come near they go boom... Medium burst damage (75% less against shields)

Damage Types

Ships can have different resistances to different damage types. There also seems to be some other subtle side-effects to the different types:

Space energy types:

Phaser: Chance to disable a random subsystem
Disruptor: Chance to debuff damage resistance
Plasma: Chance to proc a fire based DoT
Tetryon: Chance to proc Shield damage
Polaron: Chance to drain power from all subsystems
Anti-Proton: Bonus Crit damage

Also Ground based damage types:

Phaser: Chance to stun
Disruptor: Chance to debuff damage resistances
Plasma: Chance to proc fire based DoT
Tetryon: Chance to proc Shield damage
Polaron: Chance to proc weapon disable
Anti-Proton: Bonus Crit damage


Photon: Less damage but faster fire rate. Regular boff effect.
Quantum: More damage but slow fire rate. Regular boff effect.
Plasma: medium damage with a chance to apply a DoT that ignores shields (decent against both unshielded and shielded targets). Plasma's version of High Yield fires a Plasma Ball that can be targetted and shot down.
Transphasic - low damage, but much more of it penetrates shields (very good against shielded targets, mediocre against unshielded targets). Comes with standard Boff powers.
Chroniton - can slow down enemies. (nice for making enemies' weakened shields harder to protect, or as a rear launcher to use when running away). Comes with standard Boff powers.
Tricobalt - very high damage, and a short disable effect (stops target from using any powers for a moment). has a very long cooldown and doesn't get modified by Boff powers.


Shield power: 25 setting gives 0 regen, 50 is 1x regen, 75 is 2x regen, 100 is 3x regen, 125 is 4x regen

Basic - Medium Amount/Regen

Resilient - Medium Amount/Regen
Reduced Bleedthrough, which means your hull is taking less damage while your shields hold.

Regenerative - Low amount, high regen
*PRO reduced downtime, and if you turn fast enough many mobs wont ever penetrate any of your shields specially if you use allocation.
*CON high burst damage such as heavy cannons or torp volleys quickly destroy your shield and begin damaging your hull.

- High amount, low regen
*PRO burst damage such as heavy cannon fire and torps will be absorbed by your shields without touching your hull (bar bleedthrough) allowing you enough time to take counter measures such as sensor scramble, evasive maneuvers or blowing them up before they shoot again.
*CON long downtime for shields to regen, making you vulnerable to sustained DPS
Do disruptors resist debuff last for a few seconds when it works or does that debuff only affect the disruptor blast that caused the debuff?