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01-30-2010, 07:31 AM
Originally Posted by Raximillian
There is no debate, EVE and STO are very different. Apples and oranges...

If you have a problem with STO, just say what it is. But if you want it to be like EVE, get out and go to EVE. You already have it there. STO has its flaws (many of them), but not being like EVE is not one of them.
First off i do play EVE... And at this present time EVE feels like a star trek more than star trek does. But I am not looking for another EVE i am looking for a star trek that i can become fully emersed in. I want be in space that feels like SPACE.. not a small little non-lighted cardboard box. Star trek barley feels like a MMO and It defentely DOESNT feel vast and wonderous. Or maybe im asking for too much out of it. Maybe I should expect a single player game.