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01-30-2010, 06:32 AM
Originally Posted by Bastrol View Post
It didn't seem too bad to me, of course I couldn't play for too long and only got to lvl 4. The Orion ships were suprisingly easy, when I looked at my shields they hadn't dropped at all, but facing Klingons was a little better.
I had the same experience. The beginning Orions up to Lt. 6 were quite easy to take out. However, I have found the Klingons through out so far to be more challenging. The high level klingons I have been facing, the more challenging.

Most of the fighting ground missions also have been challenging for me.

I'm thinking it is not necessarily a difficulty issue, but more something technical affecting players differently, maybe in some types of gear or skills. For I've seen this complaint too in OB and couldn't grasp how people thought it was so easy whilst I was getting my butt kicked in a HC fitted in greens and blues.


I'm having a blast, I think it's fine how it is for me.

I say, just give players the ability to have a difficulty slider of their own and let them go godzilla. I;d hate to see them increase the difficulty over the word of a "few" and then have those who do not post or voice their opinons have a game that is way too hard because the elite gamers found it easy.

Not saying anyone is elite or anything, just making a point that there are way more players that do not post than there are that do. The bottom line is, only the Devs truly can know if things are too easy or not for they are the ones who designed the game and have the best idea of what should be doing what and how hard what should be for who.