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01-30-2010, 06:37 AM
Really... if you all want to go play Eve... please just go play Eve. Sometimes companies like to make a different gaming experience for people.

Here is what i did like about EVE. The music, the vastness of space, and lots of different ships.

I did not however like that when you skilled up, it took for a very long, time and essentially you could say "i am going to skill this up" then log off and play something else. Travel was kind of boring... at first i thought "this is cool it takes me 20 minutes to get to my quest? right? Well, i could go make a sandwich"

The combat seemed like it could be more fun... but really... it was lack luster to me... this is simply my opnion.... and i REALLY hated that i was stuck in my ship all the time.

Also, i found the playerbase very unhelpful, and not welcoming at all.

STO does things a lot different... Is this bad? Why should it be... I wonder if EVE players bashed SWG when Jump to Lightspeed came out? So basically, if anything happens in space, EVE players jump in and tell you their space is better than your space.

Just realize that Cryptic did not sit around and say "hey guys, lets make eve but with star trek ships!" if that was the case, then they did infact fail terribly.... But for that i am glad.... glad they had some original ideas, and shook it up a bit.