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# 1 looking for medium RP fleet
01-30-2010, 06:38 AM
Hey everyone, im currently looking for a medium RP fleet, that is one that RPs a majority of the time but doesnt flip out and run around screaming in circles if you make an ((ooc)) comment in fleet chat.

I play a liberated Borg character, and have an extensive RP history, albeit not in the ST universe, mostly in Forgoten Realms, D&D universe

Id be happy to give any further info to fleets recruiting, however I will not join one that has mandatory forums, as I dont have time to play AND troll forums usually, as im in the ACTUAL Navy But I do enjoy RP, and I do enjoy ST, so id like to give this a go on the live servers

PM me or send a tell in game to Chilton@Duskwood