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So I placed a ticket for the Shuttle not being claimable, a bug which a bunch of people are having.

Unfortunately I got a canned response saying I would get my preorder items including Joined Trill after I enter my retail key. That's all well and good but the Del Taco Shuttle is not a pre order item. I was able to get it during beta but am unable to get it now.

Not only did they not solve my issue, they apparently didn't even read my ticket nor address the problem. If they want to specifically tell me nobody gets their shuttle until feb 2nd (which is retarded by the way) that's a different story, but they didn't even mention the shuttle. Can someone please wake the support team up and get them to actually address the issues of a ticket rather than giving a canned response and glossing over what the real problem is in order to blast through as many tickets as possible? Sure you get more tickets closed but you solve less problems.