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01-30-2010, 08:11 AM
Originally Posted by QuanZen View Post
whoa check yourself lil not on hear to talk trash to anyone, and i promise you wouldnt be sayin that to my face...but whatever

But whatever the reason you are here, you are here and you are expressing 'shock and disappointment' at cryptic for a ship class name. It has been rightly pointed out that it does not affect the game in any manner other than when you are in space dock it is a name given to a T5 class of escort parts that you can use for your ship.

I'm still waiting for the explanation of why you would be so shocked over a name. Let's have some reasoning please and then we can see at least where this conversation was meant to go.

And just so you know where we are coming from, I'm the sort that will say a lot to a man's face and rarely gets any lip in return.