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01-30-2010, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by TheHand View Post
That will change when you hit max level in less than 2 weeks and the go er what now?

ive been playing eve since its launch thats 7 years now and im still learning new skills and getting in to better ships ect... you might have found it boring thats your call, but it shure as hell has alot more life than a 2 week grind to max level.
Great. You love EVE. Others love STO. The comparison is frankly unfair to both. Yes, EVE has a ton to do but I and many others find it to be a monotonous bore populated by elitist snobs who think they're "le ****" because they've been able to master a faux-economy.

...actually, I may be alone on that second part but my point still stands.