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01-30-2010, 08:19 AM
Very useful advice for newbies -- good post.

A couple of other suggestions:

1. Use your bridge officer abilities when in space. Some of my favorites are emergency power to shields (engineering) and the photon torpedo blast array (tactical).

2. Use your scanner to scan every system you are in and every planet you are on and pick up all the anomalies. You use them to upgrade gear, and every little anomaly helps. I find it easier to do this once the enemies are defeated, just using full impulse.

3. You don't need to go back to Sol much. You can turn in missions by hailing Starfleet in space, and you can sell your excess inventory using your replicator (button on your inventory).

4. Use the gear you pick up to upgrade your away team's gear as well as your own. Don't leave your away team in starter gear.