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1. What Class of ship do you start with.
A Light Cruiser. It is a basic ship that can be made to look like a Miranda, Centaur or ShiKahr class (or some combination of those parts).

2. Any classic star trek ships available are there e.g Miranda, Oberth, Excelisior ( sorry if spelling is Wrong) etc. that you can command?
There are lots of classic ships, as well as a lot of new (alternate) appearances that cryptic has come up with. Like #1 above, your Light Cruiser = MIranda and Centaur, as well as the Cryptic original ship, ShiKahr.

3. Can you go to the Gamma/Beta/Delta Quadrants yet?
Not really, but we will in the future. Technically, yes on the Beta Quadrant however. Romulan and Klingon space are supposed to be in the beta quadrant, although a lot of people tend to forget that.

4. Can you fight the Cardassians?
The later part of the game takes place in cardassian space, so yes. Someday hopefully the cardassian faction might even be playable.

5. Can you dock and go explore DS9 (Deep Space Nine)
DS9 is the federation space station (town) in Cardassian space. You wont really be going there until later in the game.

6. When in combat can you go into a Mutara Nublua and fight it out as in Wrath of Khan firing phasers and torpedoes manually?
No, all combat uses the targeting system, like most MMOs.

7. Can you select the Alert status as from previous games Green, Yellow, Red alert?
No, but when you go into combat with an enemy, "Red Alert" appears at the top of the screen. Maybe they will add more functionality in the future.

8. Can you choose your own registry? Or even create your own i.e HMS instead of USS?
Yes registry, no for the prefix. Fed ships are USS, Klingon ships are IKS.

9. Can you use the uniforms from the Series i know TOS is available but what about the others and how?
Yes, but most are 'exclusive' offers with certain copies of the game. For TOS uniforms you must buy the Digital Delux Edition. For TNG/Voyager/DS9 uniforms, you need to buy the Collectors Edition. For the red TOS movie uniform (Star Trek 2-6) you need a code from the recent DVD release. The TNG movie uniform (ST 8-10) is available to everyone in game.

10. Can you visit Starfleet command & Earth and other planets i.e Bajor, Cardassia, QoNos, Vulcan and other locations in general?
We cannot visit earth, just Earth Station, in orbit above Earth. Vulcan, Andoria, Bajor, Risa off the top of my head are all social places you can visit.

11. Can you board other users ships?
Currently only Bridges are in game, but if a player goes onto their bridge, they can invite other captains to join them. It is just another social area at the moment, more bridge functionality and other interiors will come sometime in the future.

12. Can you use shuttles to land on planets and other ships?
No, beaming works good. There is a space ability however, "Boarding Party". This launches shuttles at the enemy ship, where some of your crew attack their crew and can cause internal damage.

13. I know you can answer to other players distress calls but additionally, Do you get distress calls from ncp or planets being attacked or need help and if so what happens if you refuse?
This is one way you can get missions. Sometimes when you go near a star system, a quest dialog will pop up offering you a mission in this fasion.

14. If you violated other planets space will you get attacked as in Star trek the Nextr generation- A final unity pc game?
If missions are written that way, maybe. I dont know of any particular examples off the top of my head though.

15. When the thirty days of free play are over will you get informed?
No, it will automatically bill you for the next pay cycle. Your method of payment and how long your bill cycle is, is up to you (Credit card, Paypal, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, etc)

16. can you fire on other federations ships if your the federation and Klingon vs klingon?
PvP takes place in instances, like WOW battlegrounds. You cannot attack someone outside of there. They may add some form of Open PvP at some point in the future.