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01-30-2010, 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by momurda View Post
First off i do play EVE... And at this present time EVE feels like a star trek more than star trek does. But I am not looking for another EVE i am looking for a star trek that i can become fully emersed in. I want be in space that feels like SPACE.. not a small little non-lighted cardboard box. Star trek barley feels like a MMO and It defentely DOESNT feel vast and wonderous. Or maybe im asking for too much out of it. Maybe I should expect a single player game.
Then you made your post wrong. Completely wrong, so expect to get flamed.

You should have named your post "I want more immersion in the game, I want it to feel more trek like" and then go into how that can be accomplished. I would recommend you try again, and make another post.

Starting out comparing STO to EVE is not a good idea...