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01-30-2010, 07:49 AM
I'd like some feedback on this from some more knowledgeable than I. I’ve designed this, essentially what I’m “leaning” towards, for a hopeful pve and pvp shield breaker, tackler and survivor. I know nothing, but wanted to throw this together for feedback from others that might be a bit more astute.

Tier 5 Deep Space Science Vessel

Tactician 1:
Ensign: Torpedo: High Yield I – System:Torpedoes.
Lt.: Target Shields II

Engineer 1:
Ensign: Emergency Power to Shields I
Lt.: Reverse Shield Polarity I

Engineer 2:
Ensign: Emergency Power to Auxiliary I

Science 1:
Ensign: Tachyon Beam I
Lt.: Jam Sensors II
Lt.Com.: Polarize Hull II
Com.: Viral Matrix II

Science 2:
Ensign: Tractor Beam I
Lt.: Feedback Pulse I
Lt.Com.: Scramble Sensors II