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Hello all! I'm looking for a friendly, somewhat large fleet for teaming up with...
I've been playing MMO's since EQ1 first came out, and I've been playing EQ2 since release as well...
I stick with most MMO's for quite a while, and I dont ditch a game after a month or two.

I'm civil, friendly, (hopefully) helpful, and generally selective of what guilds/fleets to join in.
I prefer vent, but I can use TS as well, and I'd also prefer an adult oriented fleet.

I play mostly tactical/escort, but I do have a fondness for engineering (just not cruisers, they turn like an aircraft carrier to me!)

you can contact me in game, my main is zadu@sinzia or on here... I check the boards about once a day.

See you in space!

oh, one last thing- I'm eastern time, GMT-5, but I work nights, so I play mostly in the morning, euro fleets are more than welcome to contact me.