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01-30-2010, 08:04 AM
Originally Posted by jtzako View Post
Swordmasters are definitely overpowered compared to their counterparts. However, the rest are manageable if you direct your Away Team correctly.

What I do is target the most difficult enemy before combat starts. I then direct my Away Team to fight them first. I then do NOT immediately attack that enemy. I either target another weak enemy or wait a few seconds before attacking the strong one. This reduces the chance it will run right at me.

With concentrated fire even the swordmasters die fast.
Originally Posted by branix View Post
I've never had a problem with them. Use your rifle butt to bash them on their butts.
And get better weapons for everyone. Did you know that you can give away weapons to your away team??

yeah the others are manageable but the sword masters and officers ignore ur away team completely and go for you disabling your shields with disruptor fire then one barely 2 hits with thier melee and ur dead. no matter how often I roll to avoid damage or run. So usually when I see them I sent the away team in first get around and attack wtih a special attack from behind .