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01-30-2010, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by xaverjin View Post
isnt telling him to learn to read the rules the same as him saying to learn to play?
that was the idea .. olol

Originally Posted by corbaer
They are the only glimmer of challenge in the ground game. If you are having trouble, the good news is you can learn and get better. The rest of the AI and difficulty needs to be increased.
their not really a challenge just an announce. If they actually use tactics beyond being over powered it would be a challenge but hell anyone can just overwhelm someone with using the same most powerful attack over and over with no cool down through objects that suppose to be cover. Id rather the AI be able to be smart enough to go around cover instead of firing through it and be like a star trek episode of people taking cover.. not the AI simply ignoring the rules and doing overwhelming because its programing sucks