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01-30-2010, 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by Neog2 View Post
The First Tier is pointless as far as wondering if you should or shouldnt rank it up all the way.

In the beta I was at grade 6 or 7 for LT and I had everything ranked up all the way.

You dont get access to tier to stuff until you become at LT Commander

In the head start im grade 5 and have already maxed out everything in tier one.
I have (cant reember if its 1-9 then y ou rank up, or 1-10 then rank up) right now
and excess of points that I cant spend until I rank up.

So just rank everything up to level 9 in the first tier. I start up with starship then
spread evenly from there.
you are mistaken, make sure youve scrolled the skillpage down

you cant max everything before LT Commander, and you cant have any points left unspent else you cant get promoted