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Hello All,

I am very excited to play STO, MMOs have always been a part of life for me, moving from one to another as new ones come out. What has really made it more enjoyable for me is being able to share this with my girlfriend over the years. However, she is not what most of us would consider a "gamer". In most MMO's she does good, but not great. The primary reason she plays is to "be with me" through the whole experience.

So obviously i would love it if she joined STO, but I cannot answer her question of how grouping really works in this one. So i come to you, the community for the answer. After the initial "training prologue", is it possible to be grouped in space and on the ground for each and every mission that comes our way? Or is the mission setup made so that its mostly solo-play until and only until a large group mission comes along?

Thank you for your time!