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01-30-2010, 10:52 AM
Alien name: Auz'aul'zeiloi-- literally translates to “Dancing veil of light by the moon” with the universal translator.
English name, for humans to use in place of her difficult name: “Aurora Moon”.

Character's background: is from a pretty much a custom race, which I decided to call Achernarians.

an race that relatively got contacted by the federation recently (if you can call 20 years ago in this current time line recent), and then 20 years later joined the federation of planets.
They're humanoid mammals with skintones that usually comes in shades of purple and blue only. They evolved from an now non-existent species that was very similar to fruit bats. So as an result, they tend to be very nocturnal creatures.... although they can work during day hours too as well.
They're also well-known for being a race that is naturally nudist... believing that clothes are only a option, and only meant for protection and not much else. Most has a hard time grasping the idea that other races out there actually sees nudity as something sexual, and therefore offensive. When they do wear clothes, They have a strong preference towards silk or any other similar fabric as seeing other fabrics tends to feel very confining and heavy on their body.

They're also: Very hard to offend, believes in total freedom to the point of almost being anarchic, often have cool glowing tattoos (which they get as an rite of passage for turning into an full fledgling adult), And Get drunk off chocolate!

how she got into star-fleet: her mother divorced her biological father when "Aurora" was at a young age. Her mother then traveled the stars while Aurora stayed at home with her father. Her mother briefly had an relationship with a star ship captain who allowed her to work in his ship as an bartender.. and thus she was able to collect many stories and pictures from all over the place to tell Aurora back home.
Aurora then started to feel the same wanderlust that her mother had, wanting to see those sights for herself rather than depend on secondhand information to get the feel of what a place was like.
So soon as she was old enough, she signed up at star-fleet academy and the rest is history.