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# 7 Back in the Command Chair
01-30-2010, 09:59 AM
Stardate 0130.2010, Captain's Log, supplemental
We have just woke up. We have been in a sleep statis on board the U.S.S. Thor's Hammer for nearly 32 years. When we went into a forced hibernation, it was to escape a Borg Cube that was tracking us and we had no way to out run it. So a radical idea was introduced, head into a Nebula and shut down...literally..everything but the barest life support and look 'dead'. Without sensors to give our ruse away, we would have to be found on a visual level which would be nearly impossible and then a boarding crew would have to examine was a dicey choice but I gave the order to do it. As the only Starfleet captain to wear an aloha shirt on the bridge and drink Margaritas before engaging an enemy in combat, I figured, "What the's only a miracle it'll work..." One problem is that we were suppossed to be shut down for 6 nos. in case the cube hung around to see if we were playing 'possum but something went wrong and now we ae thirty plus years older but only showing about 6 mos. aging. (Tanning booths can cover that!) Well looks like Logan Mercury is going to have to adjust to newer technology, better ships and more sexual harrassment protocols. It seems my history has caught up with me! well this old explorer will manage adn since moswt of my crew wishes to stay under my command I think we will find kicking Klingons here as much fun as it was in the old days over at Starfleet Command. well my dear folks the Mercurys over on Mars are dead, my brother is pulling a pension and living out his retirement in a holographic Robt. E. Howard world with a guy named Conan and my sister still thinks 20th century super heroes on Earth are cool in a Cyrptic kinda way. So I'm back and ready to see what these new photon torps do to a Klingon's cloaked rear end...
Hasta la vista babies...Logan Mercury