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01-30-2010, 10:03 AM
I find things most fun with a team of two (assuming your partner is someone you know and can coordinate with).

Group play works differently in Space and Ground.

In Space, the number of enemies will increase based on how many players you have. So as a solo player, you will find yourself fighting either one strong enemy ship, or three weak enemy ships, in each fight. With a full group of Five players, you will find yourself up against a small fleet of enemy ships, in every battle.

Ground works differently. The enemies do not scale with your group size. In solo ground combat, you have four of your bridge officers with you, helping you fight. But as you add players to your team, they take the place of bridge officers. With a team of two, one captain will bring two if their officers, and the second captain will bring one of their officers. With a full group of five players, everyone is a player, and there are no bridge officers. Either way, ground play is your team of five, versus whatever enemies are in the area.