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01-30-2010, 10:02 AM
First off ill be playing this game in february and hopefully a long time.

But please developers! This is just crazy! So I die in space and what is my reward? I spawn 10 feet away and ready for battle again? Wtf is this call of duty?
Please do something...
At least change it for pvp to being kicked out of the instance when you die, or set it up that you come back but with 50% shields for 10 minutes.
Anything is better then the current system, don't reward stupid play punish it.
I hear that devs of this game are responsive to players issues I can't see how they can't fix this before live...

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BELOW ARE SOME WORKABLE IDEAS PRESENTED IN THIS THREAD consolidated for developers to have easier time in finding (PAGE OF THREAD ALSO LISTED)

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PG11- Higher lvl, Higher Penalty

Originally Posted by Kalthios
No death penalties when you start, more severe death penalties as you get higher up in level.

Say something like this

1-10 No penalty

11-20 Slight loss of merit

21-30 Moderate loss of merit, slight ship damage that needs to be repairs at star base that will take a few minutes to fix

31-40 Moderate loss of merit and energy, moderate ship damage that needs to be repaired that might take up to an hour to fix

41-50 Moderate loss of merit and energy, severe damage to ship that needs to be repaired at station, will take approximately a few hours to fix.
PG 13- % durability loss on items from death

Originally Posted by britishcoder View Post
Whilst I completely agree that there should be a death penalty, the title of your thread is misleading.
You see, a deal-breaker would imply that you wouldn't play this game if this wasn't fixed, yet you'll apparently be playing.

Personally, I would like a similar system to that in wow(and likely many other games, but it was my first MMO) whereby you lose 10% durability on all equipped items when your ship is destroyed.
In ground missions, this should be only on your character's items and in ship combat, only ship damage.
PG 32- Choice (pop up) system for pvp

Originally Posted by Romulan78 View Post
Answer me this all you that are against a death penalty

How does it hurt your experience in the game if cryptic introduced a "choice"

before PVP combat a pop up goes up and asks if you would like the battle to have item loss (random)

That would please some of us that feel the current system is lacking and would give EVERYONE a choice.


PG 34- Death causes you to go to starbase, escape pod or disabled

Originally Posted by gkeffer View Post
1) Let's say your only disabled in a battle...not destroyed. Then you have to contact Starfleet for a tow back to the nearest starbase? Penalty being you start back at the nearest starbase?

2) Or how about the option for players to use escape pods, for the crew.
You would then jettison all pods before destruction, then find yourself back at the nearest starbase with your ship refitted as it was? Penalty of course is starting back from a starbase.

3) Or possibly give all ally players the ability to aid disabled ships, and also have them get a REWARD for doing so? If no friendlies are nearby or you can't call a buddy in, then option 1 above is your alternative?

Maybe these friendly aiding ships could let's say regenerate the disabled ally to 50%?

Just brainstorming, possibly for a happy-medium
PG 53- Dynamic increase in rez timer the more you die

Originally Posted by Raximillian
I personally do not need a death penalty. I try all humanly (betazoidian?) possible ways not to die anywhere. I see dying as a failure on my part.

But I do agree that not all people look at the game the same way, and "the zerg" sucks. The only death penalty I would like to see if a delay on the rez timer that gets larger each time you die. You die once, no delay to rez (the normal 10 seconds I think). You die twice, rez delay becomes 20s. You die more, it gets longer. That should tell you that you have to try to stay alive, and also stop the mighty zerg without being a pain to the people that die from time to time. Dying is inevitable anyways.

PG 54- Faction specific Spawn point, increase spawn time

Originally Posted by farcraw98 View Post
That's fine. Should be a faction specific spawn point, a minute away from the center. Increase spawn time to 30-60 seconds

If you have a problem that you do not wish to die to someone that just spawned after you killed him because you didn't have time to recharge it's a valid point. Currently I simply move up/down and hide until my shield/hull replenishes.
Originally Posted by Romulan78 View Post
You do that, plus you apply the "crew" loss (although I hope they fine tune that so it doesnt EVER regenerate by itself but instead you need to purchase crew at starbases, and I think you have a winner.

1. You give the victors a advantage and some time to regroup (as they deserve it since they won the skirmish)

2. You are in effect putting a death penatly in place by increasing the spawn time and distance

3. You are helping the economy and making death more meaningful by making us pay for our crew instead of some lame "regeneration" that makes zero sense.

pg 56- Death penalty repair cost scaled based on Hull (durability based)

Originally Posted by Goodwind
Adding a death penalty repair cost will not prevent the scenario you are claiming to be afraid of. It's the unlimited amounts of money, via missions or loot grinding, that leads to inflation.
You'd have to have such a serious and bankrupting death penalty repair cost for it to even matter. That would harm newer players far more than over-priced items in the AH.
Originally Posted by SoL_Seeker
It would make sense to a degree. Its usually scaled to gear. In this case I would say Hull since they would have to create a new mechanic "durability" for consoles and weapons. Since Hulls increase in HP from tier to tier, it could work. The only issue would be increasing the amount of energy earned in Episodes and patrols.
pg 59-Some good ideas)

Originally Posted by Lehan
Why are a lot of the posts on here supporting money loss or XP? Does money fly out of your ship when a hull is breached? How about battle experience when I respawn did I forget getting pwnd by some huge ship?

This is a sensible Death Penalty IMO.
Crew: Yes crew die they are the unlucky SOBs standing next to the Bulkhead when it breaches and fly out into space but why 50%? you realize you are going back up against the same big @$$ battle cruiser that just flatten you right? there should be 3 colors on the bar blue alive, yellow for injured in sickbay and red for the KIA's......
Systems: yes you should be offline and adrift when you respawn for a few minutes....
Bridge Officers: should be greyed out and out of commision for a bit but come back after being healed. The BO's are the named guys in the shows they don't die lol they get crippled and recover but no matter how many times they fly from one end of the bridge to the other a hypospray and a few minutes they are back up and ready to go in the TV shows and Movies for a case in point....

Now when you respawn you have to wait for your O'brien or Scotty to fix you up then go back