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01-30-2010, 10:12 AM
Originally Posted by rfendt View Post
This is no longer beta, so everything in game is working as intended
Oh there are always exploits in games, intended or not. I'm sure if credit transfer was intended they would have put it in the mail ( and I think that they should. Personal wealth should be as transferable as stock items, between your own and other characters )

As long as there is a way then I'm fine with it. If there was no way I'd kick up a fuss. It makes no sense to cripple the game so you can't quickly help out your alts. It's a mainstay of online RPG.

We should also be able to help guildies get through tough missions but the instancing method used here makes it impossible to get in the same instance if you are much higher than them. I think 'boosting' is also a mainstay of TPG online regardless of the fact that some don't like it and many abuse the good nature of those willing to boost.