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01-30-2010, 10:45 AM
Who said that us 'Open beta Idiots' didn't make friendly with the green bug? I can only speak for myself when I say this but yes actually I was reporting every new and unique bug that I came across.

I may not have been in depth enough to proof read it all but then the way I see it is if we all were busy reading every line and taking our time then no one would reach the later stages to test the higher level content. Seeing as we had spent most of the first half of the OB going over the sub lvl 16 content many times over I saw it as a genuine need to see what needed fixing later on.

Just like there were people that tested the hell out of the PVP....personally I didn't.

So to sum it up I think there were by far enough people doing there own bit in their own way and it was plain to see by the half a million bug reports that had been placed. To have you then complain about people not testing to your standards is a bit short sighted.

This is by no means a dig or a flame at your post Mr OP just simply feel that us 'Open Beta Idiots' as you put it are not as idiotic as you believe.

Oh and one more thing......if we wish to have a laugh and a joke now that it is headstart and the actual game then i'm sorry but who are you to dictate how we choose to spend our time? I think we have earned a bit of fun time now it's all (for the most part) over and done with, don't you?