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01-30-2010, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by ChargerIIC View Post
The abilities used by any engineer class Bridge Officer in your away team will be improved. Engineers have two types of ground skills, modifications skills that hurt the enemy and maintenance skills that buff/heal your away team.
thanks, so those 3 skills for the engineering/tac/sci in the image there affect my BOffs skills on the ground ONLY?

these skills, are these my characters class skills (since he's an engineer?) and a tactical captain would have tactical skills here instead?

and what abilities do these sets of skills affect? they seem to be sciency type stuff, do they only affect abilities that the science BOff uses in space? cause I plan to fly a cruiser and it seems like a waste of points for that stuff since i'll have only 1 science boff ?

also am I correct in assuming that I don't need to get the first skill in a row in order to put points into the skill in the next column, I just need to a get rank up and I can put points anywhere in that column whether or not I put points in a skill in that row already?