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01-30-2010, 11:49 AM
I didn't say "Everyone who played Open Beta was an idiot" I said "Open Beta Idiots" which I guess wasn't specific enough, so I apologize. My comment was more about the jackassing around that was going on with some people during Open Beta and of course I'm aware not everyone in Open Beta were there for constructive reasons...and yes I was in Open Beta from start to finish.

The whole "where's sulu" thing is probably going down in the annals of MMORPG history not unlike "leeroy jenkins". It was so bad that devs had to waste time putting npc's into the starbase that talk about how "Sulu is in the Admiral's office" for God's sake.

It's unfortunate yes, but I guess it can't be helped. I just get frustrated by the ATI ground mission/crash bug that I deal with every single time (since OP began) I beam down and start fighting but otherwise I haven't got too many things to complain about but I sure see alot of other folks complaining about them on the Bug Board. Yes I think the game is more stable now as well since then but not everyone is in agreement. Perhaps those of you calling me a troll should check over there first and maybe you'll see what I mean.

Anyways, people are people. I can't blame someone for the fact that their Dad's also their Uncle, it's not their fault after all.