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01-30-2010, 12:18 PM
Vetal Cretak

My father was a science officer in the Romulan forces and died with our world. My mother was among the survivors as she was off-world pregnant with me when the disaster struck. She was visiting her widowed mother on the obscure planet of Carraya IV and I was born there in 2388. I never knew my father.

For reasons I may never understand, though I think it is somehow linked to the history of her family, my mother chose to settle on Qo'noS. While I have never been entirely comfortable among these Klingons, I have a burning desire to honor my fatherís military heritage and to seek some way to serve against the expansionist Federation, so I entered Klingon military service in 2401.

Romulus is gone, but my honor survives, even if I must pursue it in Klingon service.