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01-30-2010, 12:36 PM
Lots of people posting here don't seem to be reading much of the thread. I shall summarize the problem for people who aren't reading properly.

The problem is not to do with combat. Everyone is fine with the combat performance of the *T4* cruisers. Its the out-of-combat performance thats the problem. Let me hammer this one home again because some people just don't seem to be getting this bit. Flying the T4+ cruisers around is very slow and tedious. Thats the problem. Turning around to pick up loot or even catch up with the rest of your friends takes far too long because the ship spends so much time turning.

The suggested fix is just to up the maneuverability by +2 for the T4 and T5 cruisers ONLY, so they can at least pick up their loot in under 10 minutes. I'm really not seeing why anyone would have a problem with this -- it really won't effect combat at all, just make it more comfortable to cruise around in.