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01-30-2010, 12:07 PM
They need to do something about this quick because if they don't they are going to lose people hand over fist.

I'm really upset because this was talked about during all of closed beta and we are still having slow server issues.

We talked about this happening and were told that it would be OK, and now it looks like we were right and they were wrong. Now I'm not going to be able to play a game I like for years because of these problems and people are going to start asking for refunds and the player base will get smaller and smaller ubtil there is not enough player to keep the servers going and they stop it and I lose my playing time because they weren't ready to launch like we have been telling them .....

This needs to be fixed right away or the game will fail because no one is going to wait 2-3 minutes between each screen.

Get this fixed!!!!!!