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01-30-2010, 12:19 PM
I love this game. Just want everyone to know I have been very supportive of criptic all through beta and understand that mmo development can be tricky and bugs will slip through the cracks BUT...

Anyone else get the feeling that this is no longer an issue regarding need more hardware?
I am trying very hard to stay positive about this game because I really do love it but at this point we are not in BETA anymore, also everyone who is playing now has PAID to be playing.

the point.....

CMON Criptic get this together will ya? We want to play your game... we love your game... however if these crashes continue and the bugs that have been reported thousands of times (mission rewards? where?) don't get fixed VERY soon, your game will end up in a world of bad publicity that has the potential of destroying this game all together.

If you google STO right now you can already find thousands of comments online telling people that this game is unstable and not worth buying. I purchased my pre order copy but think of the thousands that won't based on the bad publicity that is already circulating the net.

Bottom line... please criptic do whatever you must to fix this before it is too late. If you need help from the community ask for it. Let us know how we help and I'm sure that your users will respond. Quit leaving us in the dark and let us help. We can't do anything but complain because we don't know what is going on.

Sorry for the rant. I have tried not to complain but this is getting out of hand.