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Performance Skills

Performance skills are quite powerful which is probably why they are Captain level skills. These skills grant power setting bonuses when power allocations are 60 or higher. This skills will allow power settings to exceed 100. And like other power setting bonuses they do stack with the rest.

Based on other player's posting. Subsystem Performance skills allow a bonus of up to +10 are Rank 9.

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Power Transfer Rate

Power Transfer Rate is how fast your actual power levels change when you shift power allocations. Power Transfer Rate can be increased with various Engineering Consoles (EPS Relay). At lower levels you can get consoles which increase the rate by 1.5-2.0x. In battle being able to shift power allocations quickly can sometimes be crucial in combat. (You shields are weakening and another two Cruisers is bearing down on you. You need to go defensive to build shield strength while you teams mates finish off the current group of ships.).

Another aspect of Power Transfer Rate is the Weapon subsystem. Weapons draw off of a power capacitor (or energy reservoir) which is also your Weapon Power level. The size of the Weapons Capacitor is your current Weapon power setting. As energy weapons fire they draw energy from the weapons capacitor. You have enough weapons energy generation to fire one energy weapon without drawing down the capacitor (aka WEapon power Level). For every addition weapon you fire, it draws 10 energy from you Weapons power. For example, if you have Weapon power setting of 100 and you fire 2 Phaser Arrays, that will draw down you Weapon power to 90. 4 Phaser Arrays would draw down Weapon Power to 70.

The weapon capacitor is constantly being replenished. At the default recharge rate, a ship fire two energy weapons constantly without depleting Weapon power. Firing three or more energy weapons constantly will deplete your Weapon power and in turn the amount of damage you do. The Weapons Power level also affects the amount of damage your Energy weapons do. The higher the Weapon power level the most extra damage your weapons will do. The rate at which Weapon power is replenished is your Power Transfer Rate. Those EPS Relay Engineering Console will also recharge your Weapon power faster. That means more DPS.

In case people missed the bolded point. The amount of net Weapon Power you have affects the amount of damage your Energy Weapons do. The higher the power the more damage they do. If you draw your Weapon Power do to low levels (i.e below 25), you will be doing virtually no damage. If you run large number of energy weapons, watch your Weapon Power Level.