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01-30-2010, 12:25 PM

Acording to Al Rivera

"When ranked up, most skills come with a Stat bonus number. Typically, this number is the bonus applied to the items or abilities that use that stat. For instance...
Starship Energy Weapons Training: 17
Starship Beam Weapons: 22
Starship Cannon Weapons: 28
Starship Phaser Weapons: 36
Starship Disruptor: 40
That says there is a 17% damage bonus to all Energy Weapons, a 22% damage bonus to all Beam Weapons, a 28% bonus to all cannons weapons, and so on. Use a Phaser Cannon and the total damage bonus would then be 17 + 28 + 36 = 81%. Use a Disruptor Beam Array and the total damage bonus would be 17 + 22 + 40 = 79%. "

He adds these up as percentages. In the description they are not described that way. One could come to believe that all the + stats are percentages. Al Rivera = Lead Designer. One can only hope.