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01-30-2010, 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by Azrael102 View Post
I wish this was true the biggest decider on PVP seems to be who gets in first with 5 (or 10) playets and which team starts with 3 picks up to 4 then back down to 2 when some people get bored of being ganked.
This. Currently there are more Klingon players than FEDs queued, the opposite of beta. So Kingon teams are always full and FEDs miss players (because they get in faster and so increase the chance to miss out another match they were queued for).

I think this will change once the race to admiral is over and/or the casual players discover PvP too.

And another thing: Currently the fleets and powerlevler are queuing in lower tiers, together with a good team. They will leave to higher tiers soon.

It must be this, there was no Klingon buff or FED nerf (beside MES, which I used as Klingon myself btw). So why should it have changed else.