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01-30-2010, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by CnB
How do powers like Evasive Manuevers tie into what power settings and engines you have?
Powers like those grant a Buff or Bonus which will stack on top of any other modifiers are on teh base values. For example Evaive Manuevers grants a sizable turning rate bonus. For ships that have a high turning rate, it a very big net increase. But Cruisers have a very small turning rate modifier, so the net Turning Rate bonus from Evasive Manuevers is not as large as a Science or Escort type shiip.

To the OP. One iimportant thing to remember is that a system at less then 25 power (which normally can't set) doesn't work very well. It's not off, but it's close enough to be off.